Newspapers! Since I started the course of Mass Communication, I’ve never thought about newspapers so much in my life, where they came from and will they last? I mean, the world is changing so rapidly due to technology you really have to consider the fact that newspapers may in the future be something my great great grandchildren will look at in a frame, in a museum saying “Oh that looks weird people actually held those things”. Nevertheless it’s also possible they will survive, they have managed to use business survival instincts and made it this far maybe they have a few more tricks up the sleeve.

However, newspapers have really came a long way from being hand carved into pieces of clay and placed in the middle of a city for many to read. To now in the form of printed paper with many of them being distributed all at once all around the world allowing each individual the chance to have their very own.

It all started in 1400 when the first printed paper was released from Germany but apparently it wasn’t as big as ours is today it was a pamphlet. These were only produced when something or an event worthy of news happened. Another difference between then and now. Whether there is super important news or not there will be a newspaper every day as long its current, timely and the proximity is our area, it’ll be in there.

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